*Simple, Vibrant, Fresh Custom Web Design; Webmastering.

Websites Are Essential Because...
• Your website is the face of your business. It's where you build your image. No image, no success.
• Companies need a Google presence. Keyword search results will lead potential customers to your website.
• Social Media has its limits in storage and in customization and isn't tailor-made to showcase who you are.

Websites are about easily providing your audience with the information they need. That doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a flash website for your small/medium-sized business. The Cutting Room provides affordable rates and great results that make your company stand out amongst the clutter.

*Social Media Branding (Facebook, Twitter, etc); Social Media Moderator; Campaign Strategies; Newsletter Design for E-Marketing; Graphic Design.

Why Internet Marketing?
• Do you have a campaign strategy in place to start connecting with your fan base?
• Does your audience know where to find you on these social networks?
• Are your pages enticing enough for people to keep coming back?
• Do your pages stand out amongst the clutter or do they look like every other Facebook and Twitter page on the internet?
• Do you know the language and culture of these social networks so you can easily navigate them?

Your social media accounts are not going to gain masses of followers by just laying there dormant. If you have no idea how to answer any of the questions above, you should strongly consider The Cutting Room to aid you in your internet marketing.

*Professional - EPKs, trailers, music videos, narratives, documentaries
*General Public - Video albums, highlight videos, reels
*DVD Mastering - Transferring vhs, mini-dv, or movie files to a DVD format