This is so very touching... great job on casting, I love watching the girls transform. Acting is spot on and the movement is so organic. | Jessie Douglass-Smith

I can't watch it without crying. | Deanna

I loved this film! Watching her grow through the years and seeing the essence of her movement mature and change as she matured. I loved the costuming, the scenery and the song. It was so simple and yet so powerful. | Holly Googe

This is wonderful. Love everything about it, subtle yet powerful, moving and smooth...ahhh brilliant. | Cat Ferrier

Mm-hm. Well-produced, well-directed, well-acted, well-everything. | Grover Dale (Tony & Emmy Award Nominee)

Wow! I loved this video - definitely your best one yet! The entire film was powerful in its simplicity with seamless transitions between the dancer's age. | Dayna Hassan

Wow. This is incredible! The movement of the people and the camera, are beautiful and powerful. I love the music as well (and costumes, environment, EVERYTHING!) | Sarah Teresa Burns

This is my favorite dance film of yours so far. There is a subtle beauty and compelling simplicity to this. And I was really amazed by the transformation of the main character. Great casting as well! | Emily Dann

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