I can hardly handle the perfection of this piece. I have no words - the love just knocks me right over! | Eliza Kinrose

Happy tears from the love the reaches beyond the screen. | Andrea Downey

Nothing in the world better than being a mother! Such a beautiful portrayal of the simple joys! | Colleen Hewlett

So beautiful! Oh how I miss only having one child to dote on with every fiber of my being. *sigh* You are two such beautiful people! | Kim Rangel

This is so incredibly beautiful. Wow. Brought tears to my eyes. Makes me urn for the days when my babies were just babies. U captured the magic so well!! I had no idea till the end credits that you are the Devin and Mike I am representing... Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Thank you for sharing !!!! | Genevieve Gould

Devin you are such a beautiful mother. Thank you for sharing your joy. | Melanie Palmer

This is is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. pure love. sharing. | Jamie Nichols

So beautiful Devin! Made my day watching this as I lay next to my little one. | Natalie Lemmon

Wow, this is so unbelievably beautiful. I have no words. Made me happy cry a little. What an amazing time in your life to capture on film. You will enjoy this for years to come. Love your family!!! | Marcella Domonkos

This just made my heart so incredibly happy! So beautiful dev. | Brittni Vogel

What a BEAUTIFUL film of a mother and her child. | Shelley Wright

I cant stop watching it. | Melissa Schade

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