BEAUTIFUL piece, brothers & sisters. There is so much going on in this creation.. am speechless... I accidently inhaled in the beginning and was reminded to exhale.. in the end.. | Calypsodread

So natural and so human... perfect for a beautiful Sunday afternoon!!! ahhhh lovely
| Maritza Jones

So innovative! I've never seen dance in this medium like this before. Really, really cool.
| Whitney Adams

If performing your work is as joyous as watching it, you are among the best, Jamila. Wow. So impressed! | Grover Dale (Tony & Emmy Award Nominee)

When I watch this, I smile and my heart feels warm. I love that feeling :) .| Devin Fulton

This made me so excited to be in love one day! The cinematography was GORGEOUS! This was full of such sweet beauty, grace, and tender humility. | Patrice Patrick

So good to see normal, healthy, loving black relationships…..not just within the couples but just between all of the individuals. It’s sad we don’t see this enough and don’t even realize what we’re missing until we see something like this! | old fashioned modern girl on Tumblr

I was so moved, I RAN to the computer to share it! | Donald Webber, Broadway Actor

The film is so sincere and contains so much soul! I am truly inspired. | Liza van Deventer

This is just amazing, Jamila. You have a sharp eye, and it shows in the product you put out. | Dayna Hasson

I JUST CRIED. | Doc Waller

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