These ladies are just delightful!! And so is this makes me wanna get dumped and hang out by a pool with my besties ;-) | Kate DeFronzo

A candy-colored confection of drunken dancers delighting... | Muffy Marracco

Cheering up your girl after a breakup should always be this fun! | Charlene Bittinger

It was a veritable kaleidoscope of sight, sound, and story. | Monica Martin

Love it!!! Costumes, set design & choreography! Ahhmaaazing! | Suzy Gam

So stinkin sexy but cute . . . rockin!! | Tiffany Vandeman

This is so awesome! Love how fun and whimsical this is! | Christine Engelfried

LOVED THIS!!! Your dance films never disappoint Jamila...congrats & keep 'em coming! | Dayna Hasson

Delightful! With this, you can safely add 'visionary' to your credits as producer, director, and editor. | Grover Dale (Tony & Emmy Award Winner)

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