It is a moving expression of grief and love. May we all experience the deep abiding love that is genuine friendship. | Zakiya Glass

My friends and their hearts. Raw humanness at its best. | Erica Lawless

As someone who does her best to avoid grief, I am proud and in awe of Jamila Glass for turning hers into something beautiful and inspiring. | Tyra Donatto

Excellent! Moved me to tears. Thank you for your friendship and love. | Tamu Toliver Lewis

Another beautiful film, Jamila Glass! I love the composition, choreography, the music (sigh...). Everyone in the film showed so much strength, grace and vulnerability in your movements and presence, in your own unique way. You collectively represent something so significant. It is truly a beautiful film that says so much. It is a wonderful thing that you were able to make this film and express yourself through one of life' most difficult experience. I see it as a wonderful gift to your friend, Lee Thompson Young, to yourself and definitely to the world... your heart is special and so was Lee...| Meridith Flores White

Thank you for making this beautiful film and allowing us all to remember the gifts that he brought to your life. I cherish these moments dancing with all of you. Such gracious, caring and beautiful women making even the heaviest moments seem still full of hope and light. | Kate Hutter

My heart is full. | Shannon Janet Smith

When the physical self escapes us, we still have LOVE. Lee Thompson Young, Jamila misses you every single day. This is for you, "Friend, My Friend." | Devin Fulton Gomez

Such beautiful, sorrowful Grace. | Anissa Martell

What a beautiful tribute. | Kristi Hester

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