The Cutting Room (TCR), based in Los Angeles, CA, provides a fresh look to video editing in the realm of film, video, radio, advertising, and social media. TCR has worked with clients worldwide, including Black & Sexy TV, Issa Rae Productions, Numa Perrier, Fashion Institute of Technology, a Stylist for British Vogue Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Grammy-nominated Tamar Davis, a television pilot featuring Ice Cube, and a documentary film for an Emmy award-winning production studio.

Jamila is the Lead Editor for Black & Sexy TV, a popular online network with over 100,000 subscribers. Her work with B&S TV has been viewed over 1.2 million times. She has worked on 7 of their series: That Guy, Hello Cupid, Yellow, Minute Man, and the award-winning Roomieloverfriends. Jamila was also the lead editor on their first feature film That Guy Movie. Their series The Couple is currently in development at HBO and they recently launched their subscription service Black & Sexy NOW exclusively through VHX.

Additionally, TCR has a production arm with recent releases including Love on the Rocks, To The Moon, Friend, My Friend, and FOX HUNT FOX.

TCR is committed to giving clients the most compelling product possible through an intimate hands-on approach. With The Cutting Room, you will always get more than you envisioned.

Jamila Glass is a graduate from the University of Southern California's prestigious film school with a minor in Advertising. Post graduation, she was the 1st assistant director of the short film “Chixculub” produced by Wolfgang Peterson, which was a grand jury prize winner of the USA Film Festival and an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival.

She also worked at Mark Woollen & Associates, a premiere motion picture advertising agency. While there, she was a post-production assistant and assistant editor for such films as Crash, Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, Good Night and Good Luck, Hard Candy, The Last King of Scotland, The Science of Sleep, and Syriana. Her industry experience extends further to brand research and campaign building for a celebrity PR firm, technical directing for a weekly television show, and script research for ABC's Threat Matrix.

Jamila's freelance work spans over ten years in the realm of video, radio, television, film, web design, and marketing. She attributes her keen eye, creative streak, and rhythmic sensibilities to her immersion in the performing and visual arts from a very young age and her secondary career as a professional dancer. To find out more about Jamila, please visit